Here are our peer-reviewed results from Folding@home. For summaries of these methods and papers, as well as the scientific background behind Folding@home, please see the Folding@home article on Wikipedia.

Note that it can take quite a while to go from a result to a published peer review article (often as much as a year). These papers represent our progress to date that’s publicly available, with lots more on the way.

The distribution rules for published papers vary by the publication in which the paper appears. Due to these rules, a public web-source of each paper may not be immediately available. If full version is not linked below or available elsewhere on the Internet (Google Scholar can be helpful for this), most, if not all of these publications are freely available at a local municipal or collegial library. These articles are written for scientists, so the contents are fairly technical.


• Intrinsically Disordered Bacterial Polar Organizing Protein Z, PopZ, Interacts with Protein Binding Partners Through an N-terminal Molecular Recognition Feature

• VirB, a key transcriptional regulator of virulence plasmid genes in Shigella flexneri, forms DNA-binding site dependent foci in the bacterial cytoplasm

• Two New Alternatives to the Conventional Arm-in-Cage Test for Assessing Topical Repellents




• Markov modeling reveals novel intracellular modulation of the human TREK-2 selectivity filter.