Together, we have created the most powerful supercomputer on the planet and are using it to help understand SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 and to develop new therapies. We need your help pushing toward a potent, patent-free drug.

Use your PC to help fight COVID-19.



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Progress on the current COVID Moonshot sprint to discover new oral antivirals

Sprint 11 : Started Mon Dec 27 20:25:00 UTC 2021




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Learn about our work on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.


We are focusing the Foldingathome compute power on SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and the human proteins the virus interacts with.

First, we uncovered novel protein structures that were previously inaccessible to the research community. 

With your help, we are now screening for potential drugs to target these structures as a part of the COVID Moonshot Collaboration.


See real-time progress toward new drugs


Foldingathome Ambassadors

Satya Nadella

CEO, Microsoft



Dr. Lisa Su

President & CEO, AMD

Jensen Huang

CEO, Nvidia

Bob Swan

CEO, Intel

Dr. Gregory Bowman

Director of Foldingathome & Associate Professor, Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis.

Ilma Caprnja

Medical student, Lund University

Charles H. Giancarlo

CEO, Pure Storage

Minerva Santana

Director of Innovation and Technological Transformation at LaLiga

Michael Ward

PhD Student, Bowman lab, Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis

Patrick P. Gelsinger

CEO, VMware

Pedro Valadas

Founder, PCMR / Communication Advisor, Foldingathome

Vijay Pande

General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz / Founder, Foldingathome

Anton Thynell

Head of Collaboration and Communication, Foldingathome

Kirill Konovalov

Phd Student Xuhui lab, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Emma Matthies

Info Security Engineer

Kevin Wasielewski

Co-founder & CEO, Origin PC

Compilation Video

Courtesy – Washington University in Saint Louis



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